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Twilight Sad 'Another bed' Director Craig Murray

Built, shot and edited by Craig Murray


"The way I considered this film was to gain ideas from five different sources. I asked these sources to listen to the song and return to me four words or themes that they visualized. I then elaborated upon these. I thought this process would honor the band's original wishes of interpretation and ambiguity, but I wanted to leave the end result open to interpretations, too.

"When photography was first invented, it was thought that it gave the people it captured immortality; taking their souls, giving them everlasting life. I thought I'd continue this theme using the dying format of VHS with the story of a video-shop worker (he actually works in that shop and is the singer known as Stuart Warwick ). I'd never seen the job position used in a film like this. Kinda strange, really, considering that he has all your details.

"Serial killers like to be caught. They like to leave clues. As the loner plays out his fantasies of having friends over to his bare and lifeless apartment, he films them, making stop-motion films using the format of VHS to record them in motion and interacting with him. He then puts these films on the shelves of his shop for the public to access (I had the idea of there being many recordings, and with some the scent of the incident still remained). But since VHS is not in demand anymore, his crimes sit amongst Hollywood films and lifestyles undiscovered and forgotten."